QR code for your wireless party!

Recently I activated the wlan for guests provided by my AVM FRITZ!Box. In the interface I saw a QR code. Scanning this code with a mobile phone allowed my guests to connect to the wireless network effortless. Since one of them asked me how to generate this code yourself, I researched this subject and here are the instructions:

  1. Use the following template: WIFI:S:<SSID>;:T:<TYPE>;:P:<PASSPHRASE>;;
  2. Insert your credentials, e.g. SSID=WirelessParty, TYPE=WPA, PASSPHRASE=mySecret!
  3. Install qrencode: emerge qrencode
  4. Generate your QR code: qrencode -o wlan.png WIFI:S:WirelessParty;:T:WPA;:P:mySecret!;;
  5. Print and share the code:


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  1. Judith

    I had to wrap WIFI:S:WirelessParty;:T:WPA;:P:mySecret!;; in quotes to make it work. Otherwise bash would complain about ;; .
    Thanks for the how-to 🙂 Next time you visit you can scan our wlan credentials (if necessary)….


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